middle school (6th-8th)

The Velocity- Middle School Group is an awesome youth group for grades 6 to 8.  We meet on Sunday's during the 9:30am service.  Students will stay in for worship with the congregation and afterward, leave with Aaron to a classroom for their own teaching and fellowship.  Every last Sunday of the month, we will have a "Youth Sunday" where Velocity would join parents sitting in the regular service.

Middle School Life Groups meet on Thursday evenings.  Go to our Life Groups page for more information about Life Groups or to join a Life Group. 

Click HERE for the latest update about our Velocity Ministry from Aaron Bubert. 

Velocity September Schedule


Aaron Bubert

Email: aaronlonny@gmail.com

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Current Series

  • Atomic

    A 6-week series on Spiritual Habits

    We will be continuing this series into May, and the Guiding Light messages will be pushed just a few weeks! 

    Sunday Morning Series Overview:

    Habits! We all have them, so let's talk about them. Whether you've got good habits (like getting enough sleep or remembering to floss) or bad habits (like biting your nails or checking your phone too often), most of your habits are probably small, tiny, hardly noticeable habits. But over time, those tiny habits can really impact your life — for good, or bad. So what about your spiritual habits? What are the small things you do every day that either draw you closer to God or keep you at a distance? To answer that, let's take a look at Peter, one of Jesus' closest disciples. Peter was definitely not a perfect Jesus follower, but he made it a habit to be close to Jesus. In fact, he spent so much time with Jesus that God eventually used him to do some pretty big things in the world. Which makes you think, "What could Jesus do in my life if I made it a habit to spend time with God?"