our story

Valley Christian Fellowship began in 1995 with a small group of believers, who were drawn together each week for worship, prayer and fellowship. We began meeting casually in a home. As the meetings gained momentum and families began to attend, we felt the Lord leading us into forming a church. With much prayer and petition, in faith, this group of believers began the process of forming our church; dedicating much of their free time meeting, researching and seeking direction on how to accomplish and move forward in this. Our church would be based on the bible being the infallible word of God, where one’s gifts could be fully utilized, grace and love be abundant, and a strong emphasis on youth ministry. 

The decision was made to join up with the Evangelical Free church as it followed the same beliefs we had as a body. Through the help of EV Free, we were able to find a retired pastor who came each Sunday to preach and through his teaching of the Word, leadership and love, we were able to grow and build the beginnings of the church we have today.

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Our beliefs

Valley Christian Fellowship is a part of the Evangelical Free Church of America, an association of autonomous churches united around some core theological convictions. These convictions aren't flat dogmatic beliefs we hold to decide who's "in" and who's "out", but cherished beliefs that help us understand who God is, who we are, and what we are called to be. If you would like to read about the beliefs of the Evangelical Free Church in detail, please click on "our beliefs" to be directed to the EFCA website. 

Our calling

In addition to the Santa Ynez Valley being a beautiful place to live, it's also where we at Valley Christian Fellowship have been placed to be the church. Our church is filled with people from all walks of life: business people, wine makers, store owners, students, mothers/fathers, workers, retired folks, etc...all followers of Christ committed to our calling here in the Valley. We live here with the purpose of seeing the people of the Valley know and love God. Our people live and work throughout the Valley and beyond. 

We are passionate about living out the great commission by starting right here in our backyard, making disciples of the people of the valley and journeying together as the church.