You'll find some helpful resources for connecting and staying connected with our community.  We'd like to get each regular attender connected to our church directory through Church Community Builder, a web-based network that helps our leadership get to know you and get you connected; click on the Church Directory circle to login or scroll down for more info. To hear our sermons, click on the Sermons circle to get started. For church announcements & happenings, click on the weekly bulletin circle to view announcements for the coming weeks. This is a great way for you to stay connected with what's happening at VCF.

For more information about how to get connected, click HERE for our Service Brochure. 

Church Community Builder

Church directory

One of the ways we keep our ministries organized and our community connected is through Church Community Builder, our online church directory. We encourage any regular attender of Valley Christian Fellowship to join our network on CCB so that they can receive email updates, prayer requests, keep contact info up to date, and generally in the loop about what's going on with VCF. 

If you are not yet connected to our online directory and would like to be, please click here, and you will receive an invite to our online church directory (Church Community Builder) within a week.

Already have an account?  To get to VCF's CCB login page, click here.