home groups

Life change happens in home groups. At Valley Christian Fellowship, we hope you'll get involved in a home group, where people share their lives, their prayers, their encouragement - in both the joys and struggles of life. It's here where the truths of the Bible get put into action as people help each other apply Scriptural teaching to daily experiences. 

So...How do you join a home group?  E-mail the church office at office@vcfconnect.org or call the church office at 805-688-5171 and let us get the process started with you. By getting in touch, you're not committing to anything, we just want to get you all the information you need and to help make connecting with a small group as smooth as possible.

content and schedule

We put a heavy emphasis on home groups because we find that spiritual growth happens best within the context of close community. Sunday morning gets us part of the way there, but only in those close "in your face relationships" can we really begin to grow. Our home groups meet consistently during the school year and some sporadically during the summer. 

getting connected

Were you able to find a home group that interests you? Don't wait, we want to hear from you. We're here to answer your questions and get you connected with a group. Go ahead and email us at office@vcfconnect.org or call us Tuesday-Friday at (805) 688-5171.