Family Camp

Join us May 5-7th for Family Camp at Lake Cachuma! We'll enjoy fun activities and events, fellowship, BBQ on Saturday at 6:00pm, Church at 7:00pm, and Sunday Devotionals at 9:30! Not interested in camping? No problem! Feel free to join us for the day! See more information below, and make sure to follow the link to RSVP! 

More information...

Location: Lake Cachuma

When: May 5-7, 2023

Cost: $10 per person, max $50 per family

BBQ Saturday 6:00pm, Church 7:00pm

Sunday Devotionals 9:30am at Lake Cachuma.

RSVP HERE (please RSVP whether you want to join for the whole weekend, or just for the day/BBQ on Sat)

Pay HERE ($10 per person, $50 max per family)