Price: $673

Dates: July 16-22, 2017

The Sign-Up Process:

STEP 1) Pay your $100 Deposit online HERE


>The second $100 deposit is due May 2nd.< 



STEP 2) Register with Valley Student Ministry Starting April 1st @ 7:00PM



STEP 3) Medical Registration: You will receive an email from  within the week requesting medical information. Follow the links to complete the form. 

4) Final payment due June 27th

Questions: email or call at



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Some other information

Scholarships & Fundraisers: We believe summer camp is an experience that no student should miss because of financial difficulty. Let us help you pay for camp! 

There are fundraiser options available for students! Sign up for them on the registration form above. Check your email and come to church for updates on how to raise money. Many students pay for the majority of their camp tuition via fundraising.

Fill out a scholarship form HERE if you are interested in scholarships or camperships through Hume Lake. 

Frequently Asked Questions & Packing list: HERE

Deposits: When you pay a deposit, we send it to Hume Lake Camp. So, deposits are non-refundable unless we can find someone to take your spot on the trip. 

Signups: When we take in signups for summer camp, we give priority to new students who have not been to our summer camp before. This trip is geared toward newcomers. We also make room for regular attenders from our church family. The remainder of our summer camp spots are up for grabs via online signups! Questions about this can be directed to our executive pastor:
Go to another church? We are passionate about helping other churches in the valley thrive. If you or your family goes to another church in town and they provide a summer camp trip, please go to your church's summer camp. If you want to go to our summer camp too, we'd love to have you as well. 

Live out of town? Our summer camp is a ministry to students of the Santa Ynez Valley, and those connected to people in our community. We will not be accepting signups from other churches who's signups are full or unaffiliated signups from out of the area. All campers must depart with us from the SY valley. 

BBQ Fundraiser June 11th

If you are wanting to earn money towards Hume, you can now begin taking orders for the BBQ fundraiser! All the proceeds go to your Hume account and will help with the cost of camp! 

CLICK HERE to download a sales form.

The sales process:
1) Fill out the top section recording the order for whom you are selling to.
2) Add up their total and take their money.
3) Fill out the bottom section and tear it off for the buyer to bring to the BBQ to pick up their food (On June 11th). 
4) Return all sales sheets and money to the church office either on or before Wednesday June 7th at 3pm.
You can print out your own forms and start selling, or come to VSM to get a packet of copies. Form included in the attachment of this email.
TIP: Come to VCF on Sunday mornings to sell to church people after either service. You can also go to your neighbors, close family friends, etc.